VIR-100/200/300 FTIR Spectrometers

 The JASCO VIR Series FT-IR spectrometers can be built meeting the specific needs of the users. May the laboratory be responsible for environmental analytical measurements, quality control of food raw materials or chemicals, instant measurements of solids and liquids without sample preparation, analysis of gas samples, high precision measurement of small sized optical or semiconductor materials, the continuous determination of the oil film thickness protecting industrial metal parts, or the process control of the fermentation reactor, all these tasks can be solved by using the measurement units fitted modularly to the optical base unit. With the help of the instrument modules and optical workbenches unique assemblies can be built for specific tasks. The active control mechanism of interferometers allows the performance of measurements under harsh industrial-field conditions, as well.  

VIR-100 and VIR-200

The optical basic instruments of robust design in standard configuration cover the 7800-350 cm-1 infrared range, and this can be extended to 12000-350 cm-1. The automatic beam-splitter setting and a full inert gas purge possibility are the standard accessories of all instruments. The VIR-200 can also be converted into a 40 scan/sec “rapid scan” instrument.

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The measurement spectrum of this type in standard configuration covers the 15000-2200 cm-1NIR spectral range, and this can be expanded to a range of 12000-375 cm-1. With the chemometric processing of the NIR spectra it is possible to identify the e.g. counterfeit tablets or to quantify the components (water, fat, protein etc.) of food/reactor compounds, as well.

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Spectra Manager II for VIR instruments

The instrument control and data processing is carried out by the Spectra Manager II Windows-based multifunctional software. Among the functions there can be found the measurement parameter settings and their storage, real-time spectrum display, scale change, zoom functions, smoothing, baseline correction, CO2 and water vapor compensation, ATR correction, peak search, peak height and peak area calculation, arithmetic operations, derivation, %T/Abs conversion, KM and KK conversion, automated spectral subtraction, JCAMP and ASCII conversion, format printing editing etc.

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Adaptable measuring units for different applications:

  •  transmission unit for the measurement of KBr pellets and films
  • ATR unit for the simple measurement of solid and liquid samples
  • Smart Tech unit for the measurements of powders and solids
  • gas cell for testing gases and vapors
  • light fiber unit for measuring powder and liquid samples
  • IR-1000 unit for the examination of small samples and pollution
  • MultiChambIR: transmission, diffuse reflection and ATR measurement with a single unit
  • unique sample holders