Fluorescence Detector

FP-4020 and FP-4025

The FP-4020 and FP-4025 programmable fluorescence detectors are equipped with monochromators on excitation and emission sides. In the case of the FP-4020 high-sensitivity fluorescence detector, due to the special lamp, the built-in mirror in the lamp compartment and the thermostattable cell the signal/noise ratio measured on the Raman band of the water is better than 2300: 1, which means a unique performance. The JASCO fluorescence detectors are capable of ”on the fly” (without flow interruption) spectrum recording on the excitation and emission sides. Due to the rapid alternating movements of the monochromators, it is possible the simultaneous measurement on 2 different excitation and emission wavelengths. The detectors, due to their fast electronic response time and complemented with a semi-micro cell, are suitable for meeting the requirements of both the rapid chromatography and UHPLC. The instruments are equipped with a built-in mercury lamp for checking the wavelength accuracy. The detectors are equipped with cell-identifying system. The built-in control unit and the buttons also allow the independent operation of the fluorescence detectors. With the use of the JASCO ChromNAV2 software, all the functions of the instrument can be controlled.

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Due to their accessories, optional detectors and the cells of different volumes, the FP-4020 and FP-4025 fluorescence detectors can be expanded significantly:

  • PMT detector for 900-nm wavelength extension
  • semi-micro cell (for FP-4020 also the thermostatted version)
  • secondary light filter kit
  • rectangular cuvette holder and quartz cell for the use of the FP-4020 and FP-4025 as spectrofluorometers, in the case of advantageous method development to find the Ex and Em wavelengths