ChromNav2 chromatography software

With the ChromNav2 chromatography control and data processing software, designed by JASCO itself, the modules belonging to the JASCO LC-4000, LC-2000 and X-LC series can be controlled. The software is capable of 4-channel data collecting per system, not only by processing the signals provided by JASCO-made detectors (UV, FP, CD, RI, ORD) but also by collecting the signals of any analoJASCO_LC4000_PDADatague signal output chromatography detector. The ChromNav2 contains the JASCO Spectra Manager spectroscopy software, as well for the evaluation of the spectra recorded by the JASCO UV, FP and CD detectors. With the 3-dimensional data processing provided by the JASCO MD-4010/4015/4017 diode-array detectors, peak identification and peak purity control – based on spectra – can be achieved. A spectrum library can be created from the spectra recorded during the detection. For the evaluation of the data, the ChromNav2 software package contains the program modules necessary for peak identification, integration, quantitative analysis and the use of calibration curves, as well as the modules for the professional and transparent documentation of the results. The report templates can be edited, and the export functions make easier the data processing with other programs. However, the possibility of sending e-mail reports about the system status is considered a new feature. The software package can be supplemented with password protection meeting the requirements of the 21 CFR Part 11, by creating user levels with electronic signature and audit trail.

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