Hanson Sample Preparation Extractor (XTRX500)

Accurate and reproducible sample preparation is essential in determining the active ingredient content of pharmaceutical products. Conventional sample preparation methods are often time consuming, and some dosage forms may take several hours to dissolve. The new Sample Preparation Extractor (XTRX500) of Teledyne Hanson provides an effective and fast solution for extracting and dissolving the active ingredient from various dosage forms. The sample preparation (crushing, mixing, dissolving) is done in the individually identified, QR-coded, single-use polypropylene pouch. The instrument records the QR codes belonging to the pouches to ensure that the new test cannot be started with a used pouch. With the use of the pouches problems of handling and cleaning large quantities of glassware and cross-contamination can be completely eliminated. Two size pouches are available, 100 ml for volumes from 25 ml to 100 ml, and 500 ml pouch for volumes from 100 ml to 500 ml. Aqueous and polaric organic solvents can be used for the extraction. Heavy duty polypropylene jaws pulsate within the pouch at high frequency. This pulsing reduces whole dosage unit to fine powders, thereby, accelerating the release of active ingredient from the dosage form. The extractor consists a mixer bar with four rollers, the up-and-down movement of the mixer bar provides the forced-jet, thus, ensuring rapid dissolution and solution homogeneity. Due to the rapid few-minute extraction, the solution does not heat up in the pouches. This is also a major advantage in the preparation of heat sensitive materials. The unique shape of the XTRX500 pouches provides optimal and rapid sampling. The extractor has two parts: the main unit and an attachable cassette to it. The extraction bags can be attached to the cassette and mounted together on the main unit. This is an easy-to-use equipment controlled with one button. The extractor can be run in immediate mode or method creation is possible. The created method can be protected with a password. In the methods the crushing time and mixing time are programmable and they can be switched on/off independently from each other. A further solvent addition step may be included in the methods.


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