JASCO LC-4000 HPLC / RHPLC / UHPLC systems

JASCO, the Japanese analytical instrument manufacturer started the production of the first chromatographic detectors in the 70s by using its experience in the field of spectroscopy. Within a short time, the firm entered the market with its fluid transport modules and since then a continuous development has characterized its chromatographic units. The key features of the currently produced LC-4000 chromatographic system includes the modular design, the wide detector selection, as well as the wide variety of gradient mixing options. The modules of the system not only provide solutions for the classical liquid chromatography applications but also fulfill the requirements of the rapid chromatography (max. 70MPa) and UHPLC (max. 130 MPa) as well. Due to the more than half century knowledge of chiral spectroscopy collected by JASCO, the detectors include special ones, such as the circular dichroism or the optical rotation detectors. The modules can be programmed individually from the control panel of the instruments, they have an independent memory and complete self-diagnosis, thus they can easily fit into the chromatographic systems of other manufacturers, as well. With the JASCO ChromNav2 chromatography software package the full system control, data processing, validation and documentation are possible.

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