Circular dichroism detector


JASCO has designed its CD-4095 circular dichroism detector for the selective detection of the chiral separations. The company’s experiences gained through the decades in spectropolarimeter manufacturing have been optimized in a compact mode in this instrument. With the simultaneous measurement of the CD signal and the absorbance and with the calculation of the g-factor from these, the determination of the optical purity of the separated components becomes possible. With the CD-4095 circular dichroism detector high-selectivity and sensitivity detection of the materials with molecules that have chromophore groups near their chirality centers is possible. The rapid scanning speed of the instrument allows the “on the fly” spectrum recording. Thus, the CD and absorbance spectra recording during the chromatographic separation can be carried out without flow interruption. The detector is equipped with a flow-through cell recognition system. The operating parameters can be set with some touches of the buttons on the built-in control unit. If using a computer system, the instrument can be fully controlled from the ChromNAV2 software.

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For the CD-4095 circular dichroism detector semi-micro and preparative flow-through cells can be ordered optionally.