NRS-4500 Raman spectrometer

The newest member of the JASCO Raman instruments provided with the Raman technique is capable of carrying out measurements without time-consuming sample preparation, it is easy to handle and it is used for many different applications from routine tasks to research areas. Due to its upgradibility, meets the expectations of those engaged with nanotubes and graphenes as well as the requirements of those who work in the pharmaceutical research and development departments. With its optical fiber accessories the measurement of large or not mobile samples can be carried out, such as in archeology, museum or criminal applications. The NRS-4500 belongs to the highest Class 1 laser safety class. Due to its configuration, it does not emit harmful radiation during operation. The favorable price, its space-saving and easy-to use features provide the opportunity for the Raman spectroscopy to be part of the routine tests performed by the analytical laboratories.

The NRS-4500 is capable of including three lasers and four grids and the switch between them is fully automatic controlled by software. Beside the commonly usedJASCO_NRS-4500_2 lasers (532 nm, 633 nm, 785 nm and 1064 nm) blue lasers causing low fluorescence, e.g. of 457 nm and 488 nm wavelengths can be found. In its standard configuration the instrument is able to measure within the 100-8000 cm-1 wavelength range. However, this range can be expanded to 50-8000 cm-1 with a corresponding “Edge filter”. The wavenumber calibration can be carried out automatically with the built-in Ne lamp. The objective carousel of the confocal microscope receives 6 objectives. The standard configuration also includes lenses of 5x, 20x and 100x magnification (VIS optimalised); dedicated optional NIR and long distance, as well as dark field objectives are available. There is also unique “mixed mode” dark and bright field observation option. The sample placed onto the automatic stage, the precise setting of the measurement position is provided by the built-in high resolution CMOS camera. The laser-lit location of the sample can be monitored accurately with this camera.

TheJASCO_NRS-4100_search control and data processing of the NRS-4500 is provided by the Spectra Manager II multifunctional software, just like in the case of the other JASCO spectroscopic instruments. The software allows the observation of the illuminated sample image and the location of the laser. With the automatic stage, the stage movement can be associated with “mapping” function. Together with the automatic stage, the new “Sample Search” algorithm developed by JASCO, on the basis of the analysis of the microscope image, makes possible the automatic selection of the points to be measured based on size, color and/or contrast. From the sample positions selected in this way, the instrument will automatically record the spectra after the user’s approval. The undesirable, disturbing fluorescence signal can be removed effectively alreadJASCO_NRS-4100_mappingy during the measurement with the patented algorithm capable of fluorescence corrections. Taking advantage of the depth focusing feature of the confocal microscopes, in the case of the instruments equipped with automatic stages 3-D shots can be taken from the Raman intensity data. In this way, multi-layered sample analyses become possible.

The additional features include: the measurement parameter settings and their storage, real-time spectrum display, scale changes, zoom functions, smoothing, baseline correction, peak search, peak height and peak area calculation, arithmetic operations, derivation, % T/Abs conversion, automatic spectral subtraction, ASCII conversion, printing format editing.

Each Raman spectrometer is provided with the Know-It-All program package with a constantly expanding spectrum library. The software is able to read the most important spectrum formats, it has different spectrum search and management features, own spectral libraries can be obtained with it and it is suitable for functional group analysis, for editing chemical structures and making reports, as well.

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