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The American PIKE Technologies founded in 1989, provides measurement adapters for almost all the FTIR instrument manufacturers. With these adapters the FTIR spectra of the samples in different states and with different properties can be determined. The PIKE product catalog which seeks to cover the needs of the IR spectroscopists the available accessories range from the mortar necessary for the preparation of KBr pellets to the FTIR microscopes.

With the ATR (Attenuated Total Reflectance) both the solid and liquid samples can be measured. The MIRacle ATR units can contain diamond, ZnSe, Ge or Si crystals and at the user’s demand, they can be equipped with digital force adapter for the pressuring clamp and heatable plate for the crystals. The GladiATR with diamond crystal applied up to 30,000 psi in Vision configuration includes an LCD display which allows the observation of the samples during the measurement. Due to its 110x magnification, it is suitable for placing precisely the micro-samples onto the centre of the diamond crystal. In order to achieve the adequate sensitivity in the case of measuring with Horizontal Attenuated Total Reflection (HATR) adapters that do not require the pressure of the sample, the infrared beam can be reflected even 20 times from the sample. The HATR units are easy to handle and clean, and as the plate including the crystal is fixed with positioning pins, its removal and reinstallation do not require any assembling. With the HATR and ATR units of variable irradiation angle, the depth profile analysis of multilayer samples can be performed.

For testing pharmaceutical raw materials, powders and minerals, EasiDiff and DiffusIR diffuse reflectance adapters can also be used. Many different temperature regulators can be connected to the DiffusIR and with them temperatures between -150 and 900oC can be set for the measurements. With its upward optics, the UpIR diffuse reflectance unit can measure large samples easily. In the supply there are DTGS or integrating spheres mounted with MCT detectors for the diffuse reflectance measurements, for the NIR measurements dedicated integrating spheres containing an InGaAs detector to perform high sensitivity measurements.


The measurement of the samples with reflective surfaces can be implemented with specular reflectance measuring units, which include beside the units with fixed 30o, 45o and 80o angles of incidence also the VeeMAX III with a variable angle of incidence between 30-80o.

Within the PIKE supply, manual and automated units capable of holding several samples can be found for transmission measurements. The samples whose transmittance within the infrared spectrum depends on the angle of incidence of the IR beam can be measured with the RotatIR rotatable film holders. For making pellets, manual and automatic presses can be used and for placing the samples in the light path, varied sample holders are offered by PIKE. For the transmission measurements of liquids and suspensions, fixed and variable fluid cells are available, whose windows can be chosen from the ones used in the FTIR techniques. For measuring gases, also heatable gas cells are available with path length from 5 cm to 10 m, depending on the demand of the measurement.

PIKE FTIR sample holders and supplies:

for transmission measurement:

  • fix and variable pathlength transmission cells for liquids and mulls; pathlength: 0.015 – 1.00 mm; window material: NaCl, KBr, CaF2, BaF2, ZnSe, KRS-5, Si, PE, Ge
  • Peltier thermostatted liquid cell; temperature range: 5 – 130oC
  • liquid cells for „oil in water” measurement
  • gas cells from 5 cm to 10 m pathlength with heating option up to 200oC
  • BaF2, CaF2, KRS-5, Ge, ZnSe, PE polarisers

for reflection measurement:

  • GladiATR with diamond crystal, optionally Vision sample view system and heatable crystal plate up to 210oC
  • MIRacle ATR with ZnSe, Ge, silicone or diamond crystal with optionally digital force adapter and heatable crystal plate
  • HATR horizontal ATR, optionally with flow through cell, heatable sample holder plate or heatable flow through cell
  • ATR with variable incidence angle
  • EasiDiff és DiffusIR diffuse reflection accessory, for DiffusIR optionally cooled or heatable sample holders, min temperature -150oC, max temperature:900oC, max pressure 1500 psi, vacuum 1×10-6 torr
  • integrating spheres for Mid-IR and NIR measurement
  • specular reflection accessories with fix 30o, 45o or 80o incidence angle or with variable incidence angle

for sample preparation:

  • manual and automated presses, max pressure 15 tons
  • ShakIR for sample grinding

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