Advantec fraction collector

Advantec CHF122SC

From the gravity column chromatography to the preparative HPLC separations, the Advantec CHF122SC fraction collector can be the module of different liquid chromatography systems. This instrument can be controlled independently or by a computer and it is able to collect the separated sample components into microplates, test tubes or even into large volume vessels. The fraction collection  may be based on specified time, drop number, volume, external control signal or detector signal. The detector signal collection of the separated components is possible in the so-called ”peak” mode. Here, we can give the threshold value of the detector signal or  the slope value. When they are reached, the collection begins. In manual mode it is possible not only to start and stop the collection of given fractions manually but the instrument can also record a series of steps that it can repeat independently during a new separation. In ”sampling” mode the CHF122SC collects fractions at specified intervals in a way that the repeated fractions can get in the same vessel. With the help of the three-way valve the valuable fractions get into the vessels and the rest into the waste collection basin.

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