This is a double beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer with a fixed 1 nm bandwidth operated with an iRM controller that has a software package compiled for ”Life Science” applications. The use of a computer is not required, thus its little space allowances, its sample holders capable of measuring microliters of samples and its excellent optical properties allow for the determination of proteins and nucleic acids or kinetic measurements in science laboratories of biochemistry, biotechnology, and of other related fields. Due to the easy handling, the accessory detection system and the one-button measurement, everyday routine measurements can be carried out easily within a short time.

Beside the standard measurement methods, the control unit contains the software necessary for determining the protein/nucleic acid ratio (A260/A280, A230/A260, Warburg-Christian), the kinetic analysis program (according to Michaelis-Menten, Lineweaver-Burk, Hofstee and Eadie methods), a software for quantitative determination of proteins, performing calculations based on UV absorption, BCA, Bradford, Lowry and Biuret methods and a software for testing the DNA melting.

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