Eluent delivery pumps

The pumps belonging to the JASCO LC-4000 series make possible the solution of analytical, semi-preparative or preparative chromatographic tasks. A wide range of optional accessories (valve system, degasser, mixer, etc.) can be built in the newly-created expansion bays of the pump case, which provides many possibilities for building isocratic and gradient eluent delivery systems. All the isocratic pumps can be built further into gradient pumps. The instruments have a built-in control unit which can be programmed with keys. On the two-line LCD screen the set flow rate, the current pressure value, the adjustable pressure limits, as well as the current program status can be read. With the JASCO ChromNav2 chromatography software all the functions of the pumps can be controlled. The long-term, maintenance-free operation is also promoted by the built-in rear washer system, which increases the piston seal lifetime by preventing the salt precipitation.

Isocratic pumps:

PU-4180 HPLC pump

This pump is designed for analytical chromatographic purposes with 2 plungers and 2 check valves pump head, which allows the use of the slow suction, quick delivery (SSQD) eluent delivery mode. With the pulsation-free flow, maximum detector sensitivity, excellent retention time and reproducibility can be achieved.
Flow rate: 0.001 – 10 ml/min., max. pressure 70MPa (up to 6 ml/min.), 35 MPa (up to 10 ml/min.

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PU-4185 HPLC pump

The PU-4185 HPLC pump with small displacement is recommended when using the chromatography columns with the inner diameter of 2-3 mm or for meeting a lower flow rate in the case of LC-MS systems.
Flow rate: 0.001 – 4 ml/min., max. pressure 70MPa (up to 3 ml/min.), 40 MPa (up to 4 ml/min.).

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PU-4285 UHPLC pump

The PU-4285 pump with 130 MPa pressure limit is recommended for ultra-high pressure chromatographic applications.
Flow rate: 0.001 – 2 ml/min., max. pressure 130 MPa (up to 1.5 ml/min.), 100 MPa (up to 2 ml/min.).

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PU-4086/4087 pump

The JASCO PU-4086 semi-preparative and the PU-4087 preparative chromatographic pumps allow the separation and purification of larger material quantities. The design of the pump heads ensures an even flow in the case of high flow speeds, as well.
PU-4086: flow rate: 0.001 – 20 ml/min. with a maximum pressure of 50 MPa.
PU-4087: flow rate: 0.01 to 50 ml/min. with a maximum pressure of 50 MPa (up to 30 ml/min.),
40 MPa (up to 40 ml/min.), 30 MPa (up to 50 ml/min.).

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 Low-pressure quaternary gradient pump:

Due to its new design, the PU-4180 HPLC pump can be JASCO_LC4000_PU-4180gradtransformed into a quaternary gradient pump by placing a low-pressure quaternary valve system and a degasser into the pump case. The pump produces binary, ternary or quaternary gradients from the 4 solvents, then, due to the Advanced-SSQD (Slow suction Quick delivery) mode, it is capable of pulsation-free elution delivery. The operation of the pump valves can be provided either by programming the pump or by software control. In gradient mode, the recommended maximum flow rate is 5 ml/min.

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High-pressure binary gradient pumps:

The binary (twin) pumps containing two pump heads are used for producing high-pressure binary gradients. A gradient composition is characterized by high accuracy and excellent reproducibility within the entire flow rate range. These pumps contain a dynamic mixer, whose chamber – adjusted to the flow rate – can be changed. The gradient composition can be programmed either from the control panel of the instrument or from the JASCO ChromNAV 2 software.

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Preparative gradient system

The PU-4087-B-HP system contains two PU-4087 preparative pumps, the built-in dynamic mixer has a chamber of 10 ml. The system can be expanded with a degassing unit.

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