DosaPrep X8 media preparation station

The strict dissolution testing standards require the most thorough documentation of the dissolution medium used for dissolution testing. This process is simplified by the DosaPrep X8 instrument made by the German Dosatec Gmbh. This instrument is capable of matching the dissolution media, the degassing, pre-heating and dispensing of the dissolution media in 15-20 minutes only pressing some buttons. The instrument complies with the American (USP) and European (EP) pharmacopeia standards, and the dissolved gas elimination is effectuated with vacuum while the matching and dispensing is with gravimetric method. The DosaPrep X8 filters the dissolution medium, due to its 2-input tubes and magnetic stirrer capable of producing buffer, solution of given pH or other doped medium corresponding to the set ratio. The prepared medium can be dispensed directly into the dissolution vessels with the help of the dispensing head provided with a switch. The report of the medium preparation can be printed and it includes the medium preparation temperature, the applied vacuum, the mixing ratio and the mass of the medium dispensed into the vessels.

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Accessories of the DosaPrep X8 media prep:

  • movable dispensing head with a switch for the convenient filling of the medium into the dissolution vessels
  • small size, paper roll, 9-pin matrix printer
  • 20 μm spare cartridge filter for the DosaPrep X8 medium preparation