Eluent filtration

The membrane filters produced by the Spanish Teknokroma company feature good quality, high purity and excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility. In the range of products offered by the company there can also be found syringe filters as well as membrane filters used in the analytical practice and they are recommended for sample and chromatographic eluent filtration, as well.

 Membrane filters

The Teknokroma membrane filters are made with 25 or 47 mm diameter and with 0.20 or 0.45 pore size. The 25 mm membranes are recommended for plastic syringe filters capable of being dismantled and with removable membrane as well as for glass filtration apparatus, primarily for sample filtration when the collecting of solids and suspended solids on the filter are necessary for further analysis. The 47 mm membranes are recommended for filtering chromatographic eluents and for processing large-volume samples (e.g. water analysis).

The membrane filters are available in resealable plastic boxes, 50 pieces/box. The membranes are separated with colored, nonadherent paper.

For the use of the 47 mm membrane filters we offer eluent filtering glassware.

Membrane types and their characteristics:

Nylon 66

  • hydrophilic membrane
  • filtration rate: fast
  • strong protein binding capacity
  • solvent compatibility: “weak” organic solvents (alcohols, acetonitrile), aqueous solutions, base solutions, THF
  • not recommended for: strong acids, halogenated hydrocarbons
  • use: for general filtration and filtration of HPLC samples

PTFE (poly(tetrafluoroethylene))

  • hydrophobic membrane
  • filtration rate: medium
  • low dissolution, best solvent resistance
  • solvent compatibility: “strong” organic solvents, strong acids, strong alkalis, chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • not recommended for: aqueous solutions
  • use: for organic solvents, general filtration and filtration of HPLC samples

M. E. Cellulose (mixed cellulose ester, nitrate and acetate)

  • hydrophilic membrane
  • filtration rate: medium
  • solvent compatibility: aqueous solutions, ”weak” base solutions, hydrocarbons
  • not recommended for: ”strong” organic solvents, strong acids, strong bases
  • used for the filtration of aqueous solutions, biological samples and HPLC samples


Code Membrane Pore size[μm] Diameter[mm]
TR-200140 Nylon 0.45 47
TR-200150 Nylon 0.20 47
TR-200120 Nylon 0.45 25
TR-200130 Nylon 0.20 25
TR-200260 M. E. Cellulose 0.45 47
TR-200270 M. E. Cellulose 0.20 47
TR-200240 M. E. Cellulose 0.45 25
TR-200250 M. E. Cellulose 0.20 25
TR-200100 PTFE 0.45 47
TR-200210 PTFE 0.20 47
TR-200180 PTFE 0.45 25
TR-200190 PTFE 0.20 25

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