Flame photometers

The instruments of Sherwood Scientific Ltd. in England provide support for the qualitative and quantitative determination of alkali metals and alkaline earth metals. For the operation of the Model 360 and Model 410/420 flame photometers oil-free air and natural gas, propane, butane or propane/butane mixture is required. To exploit the maximum sensitivity, the use of propane is recommended. Both instruments are easy-to-use flame photometers, they can be operated smoothly and at low-cost. These instruments provide fail-safe operation, and both have auto ignition and a built-in safety valve, which shuts off the throttle in case of air or gas outage.

 Model 360

Compact one-channel flame photometer recommended primarily for educational and industrial purposes. In their standard configuration they are capable of identifying Na, K, Li, Ca and Ba. The filters can be replaced easily, the instrument is also capable of filter identification.

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Model 410

The Model 410 is a one-channel, low-temperature flame photometer, capable of determining Na, K, and Ca in its standard configuration. With optional filters, the determination of Li, Cs, Ba, Rb, Sr is possible. The instrument is simple to use and the filters are easily replaceable. By incorporating an optional digital interface module, it is possible to connect an autosampler, an automatic dilutor and a computer, as well.

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Model 410 Clinical

It has been developed for measuring from specific clinical samples of Na, K and Li. In its standard configuration, the digital interface module is included, which allows the direct connection of a computer or a printer.

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The accessories of the Model 410 include:

  • digital interface module, which allows the direct connection of a computer or a printer
  • Blue Notes software for controlling flame photometers; it includes the following features:
    • calibration with curve fitting
    • display of the measured values in concentration units
    • periodic measurement of control samples and blank solution
    • automatic drift correction
    • archiving of calibration data and test results
    • storage of analytical methods
  • autosampler for receiving 40 samples, plus a blank and a calibration standard solution simultaneously. Sample vessel volume: 2 ml; blank and standard vessels volume: 14 ml. Minimum sample volume: 200 µl, measurement speed: 30 s/sample.
  • autodilutor containing two peristaltic pumps with synchronized delivery
  • The dilution ratios are fixed values: ~ 200:1 (Na and K), and ~ 50:1 (Li). The dilution rate stability is better than 0.5%/10 min.
  • oil-free air compressor with input filter and dry-air output , 6 l/min. flow rate.