Crescent Rapid 50

The evaporators from Crescent Scientific from India are capable of concentrating or completely evaporating samples in glass tubes of various sizes in a rapid but gentle manner. The  instruments with nitrogen injection keep the samples at a temperature suitable for evaporation by using a temperature-controlled water bath.

In the 50-position Rapid 50, the gas nozzles are arranged in 5 rows and the gas injection can be switched row by row. 10 test tubes can be placed in a row, but if less sample needs to be evaporated simultaneously, the unused nozzles can be blinded with a nozzle cap.  The nozzles direct the gas injection to the wall of the test tubes, and the resulting swirling “vortex” flow not only removes efficiently the generated solvent vapors, but also keeps the solutions in a continuous circular motion. As a result, the walls of the test tubes are also washed continuously and the evaporation residue is concentrated at the bottom of the tube. The tubes are properly positioned on easily replaceable racks. The inlet gas pressure can be set with a manual controller, the time and temperature are set with buttons, but the display of all parameters is digital. The evaporation can be stopped manually or automatically after the specified time has elapsed. The end of the evaporation is indicated by a repeated beep. The removal of the generated solvent vapors is ensured by a built-in extraction system and for the routing to the fume hood a 3 meter long exhaust hose is supplied with the system.


  • optional sample holders:
    • 12 × 75 mm, 4 ml test tube rack
    • 13 × 100 mm, 7 ml test tube rack
    • 16 × 100 mm, 12 ml test tube rack
    • 16 × 125 mm, 16 ml test tube rack
    • 20 × 150 mm, 30 ml test tube rack
    • Rack for Eppendorf tubes (“flip cap”)
  • temperature range: room temperature – 90 oC
  • required gas pressure: 4 – 7 bar
  • gas consumption per nozzle: max. 2.8 liter/minute
  • water tank volume: 9 liter
  • dimensions: 55 x 45 x 20 cm (W x W x H), 18 kg

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