FP-8000 spectrofluorometers

The instruments belonging to the FP-8000 spectrofluorometer family were introduced in 2011 and faithfully to the JASCO traditions, they are double monochromator instruments, in which the excitation and emitted lights are resolved by separate monochromators. Due to the renewed optical system, the signal-to-noise ratio has significantly improved, the wavelength accuracy has become even better and the stray light has been reduced. The instruments are characterised by user-friendly solutions, such as the recognition of various sample holders by the radio frequency (RFID) chips or the Start button placed on the housing unit, which makes possible the immediate measurement start after the sample placement.

The spectrofluorometers are controlled by the Spectra Manager II software used to control all the JASCO spectroscopy instruments. This software is equipped with a rich selection of standard tests and evaluation programs. Due to all these features, the FP-8000 fluorometers persist in the quality control laboratories performing routine measurements, just as in Life Science or materials science research laboratories.

JASCO FP-8200 spectrofluorometer

The FP-8200 spectrofluorometer developed primarily for routine measurements also possesses new improvements that allow the high-performance measurements. Due to its new qualities – the wide dynamic range, the great resolution for its category, the built-in mercury lamp used for wavelength calibration – it can be used in academic, research, GLP and pharmaceutical environments, as well. With optional cell changers it is also suitable for parallel kinetic measurements. The instrument can be controlled with the Spectra Manager II software or with the iRM (Intelligent Remote Module) handheld controller. The software environment iRM contains all the JASCO FP-8200 spektrofluoriméter programs necessary for instrument control, data acquisition and data processing. With these programs the measurements can be carried out without a computer and the results can be printed with the directly connected printer.

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JASCO FP-8300 spectrofluorometer

This spectrofluorometer has been developed to meet the needs of Life Science laboratories. Almost 50 different sample holders are available for the easier solution of measurements during the research work. These include the sample holders that are temperature-controlled with the water- or Peltier type thermostats, the micro cuvette holders and “one-drop” accessories capable of measuring microliters of samples and of examining the fluorescence of drops of samples, as well. For the measurement of a large number of samples autosampler and flow cells can be selected. In case of samples stored in microplates for the direct measurement a microplate reader accessory can be connected. For kinetic and reaction analyses there are a lot of possibilities available: from the sample compartment lid with simple injection facilities, through the automatic titration device to the “stopped-flow” supplements. For phosphorescence measurements nitrogen-cooled liquid and solid sample holders can be used, as well.

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JASCO FP-8500 and FP-8600 spectrofluorometers

The FP-8500 with its extremely high signal-to-noise ratio and the FP-8600 with its wavelength range extended to 1010 nm can be of great interest particularly for the materials science laboratory workers. As sample holders, beside the ones mentioned at the FP-8300 used for solid sample measurements, the different film holders, manual and automatic polarizers, accessories for measuring epifluorescence and cooled integrating spheres of 60 and 100 mm diameter capable of measuring the quantum efficiency must be mentioned.

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Spectra Manager II for spectrofluorometers

For the control and data processing of spectrofluorometers even the standard package of Spectra Manager II contains the programs necessary for excitation (Ex) and emission (Em) spectra acquisitions, for simple kinetic measurements, quantitative analysis and fixed wavelength measurements. For the FP-8300, 8500 and 8600 instruments the Spectra Manager II contains the phosphorescence measurement modes, as well. The standard software package includes a 3-dimensional spectra measurement program used for finding the optimal excitation and emission wavelengths manually or automatically, as well as a validation module that makes possible for the user to control and validate the instrument.

To meet the specific needs of various disciplines, there is a choice of a large number of optional softwares which include, among others, the program performing kinetic measurements at two wavelengths, the fluorescence color definition or the quantum efficiency measurement module, as well.

The standard software package includes:

  • quantitative analysis with calibration curve
  • spectral scan on Ex and Em sides
  • 3 dimensional collection
  • simple time kinetics
  • parallel time course measurement with cell changer
  • validation
  • autodiagnostics
  • spectrum analysis, derivatives and other mathematical functions, peak search, „overlay”, report and style formatting

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The standard cell holder of the JASCO FP-8000 spectrofluorometers are able to hold cuvettes of 10 x 10 mm. Optionally, water- and Peltier thermostatted cuvette holders, micro cuvette holders, sample holders capable of measuring solids, stopped-flow systems and microplate readers can be connected to the instruments.

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