With the use of TurboVap96 concentrator the dissolved samples can be evaporated without using vacuum and high temperature. The quick dissolvent evaporation is provided by the spiraling gas flow technology, which keeps the whole solution in a spatter-free stirring. In this way, the solute is concentrated at the bottom of the sample holder. For faster dissolvent evaporation, the sample holder can be heated during the evaporation. The evaporator do not has to be placed into a fume hood, the instrument has an internal extractor fan and only the gas drainage hose – delivered as an accessory – must be connected into the extractor.

TurboVap 96

Within the TurboVap 96 sample concentrator 2 pieces of 96-place microplates or a deep-well plate can be placed. The evaporation is provided by heat plates of adjustable temperature, from room temperature to 80 °C. The parameters of the two sample holder places can be adjusted independently of each other, thus, the temperature, the speed and duration of the gas injection can be controlled separately.

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