New TurboVap evaporators

Biotage_NewTurboVapLVThe second generation of Biotage TurboVap sample concentrators under the same name but with a completely restructured interior and renewed control carry out gentle evaporation of dissolved samples to dryness or to a particular volume. The quick evaporation without vacuum and high temperature is provided by the helical gas flow technology, which keeps the solution in a spatter-free stirring. In this way, the solute is not concentrated on the tube wall but at the bottom of the sample holder. The samples are immersed in a temperature-controlled bath. The water tank is transparent, therefore, the samples can be observed during the evaporation, which is facilitated by the software controlled illumination as well. The water bath has a quick drain connector for the emptying and cleaning. The nozzle system and the racks can be easily replaced and cleaned. The new TurboVap sample concentrators are controlled by the 7 “touch screen control unit. The gas flow, temperature and time can be set but the change of the step or ramp gradient gas flow in three segments is also possible. The memory of the instrument is capable of storing 10 methods. The sample concentrators have a wake-up function for heating up the thermostat to the specified temperature at a given time. The evaporation can be switched off manually after the preset time or in the case of the TurboVap II when the end point is detected, the instrument can start the sleep mode to automatically turn off the heating and lights. The end of the evaporation is indicated by an alarm sound (the sound level can be controlled from the software) and the lights turn green. Solvent vapors are removed by a built-in exhaust fan and for the routing to the fume hood a 3.8-meter-long exhaust hose is supplied with the system. The rigid separation of the TurboVap instruments is of the past, the new instruments can be transformed into one another with the tube racks and nozzle system.

TurboVap LVBiotage_NewTurboVapLV_manifold

A 48-position sample concentrator, which, depending from rack to rack, can be used for the concentration of 1.5-60 ml sample. The nozzles are positioned in a 6×8 layout, the gas flow can be switched on and off for each row separately from the software. Within a row the unused nozzles can be blinded.

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TurboVap IIBiotage_NewTurboVapII_glass

In the TurboVap II sample concentrator, depending on the tube rack, up to 6 of 50 ml or 6 of 200 ml sample holders may be placed. The blow can be started and stopped per position separately. Depending on the tube rack, each sample holder position may be equipped with an optical sensor, which turns off the evaporation in the given tube when the volume reaches 0.2 or 0,7 ml. The racks with end-point sensors can only be used at bath temperature up to 60 °C. Above this temperature the TurboVap II can be operated with standard tube rack only as an evaporator with timed endpoint.

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TurboVap EH

Biotage_NewTurboVapEHrackA sample concentrator developed for the fraction collector racks of the Biotage Extrahera SPE solid-phase extraction workstation.

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