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The Swedish Biotage company has introduced the Selekt system as the successor to Isolera flash chromatographs. At the design of the instrument the experience of the past decades, the pursuit of greener chemistry and the achievement of the easiest possible use have been taken into account.

The Biotage Selekt automated flash chromatography systems have a built-in pump, a detector measuring in the UV or in the UV and visible (UV-Vis) range, a fraction collector and a control unit. The eluent delivery system can handle four solvents, of which it can simultaneously form a binary gradient eluent. It is also possible to continuously add a fixed percentage of a third (modifying) solvent to the eluent. The instrument has a 2-channel structure, which means that 2 flash columns can be mounted on the instrument at the same time. This can help the continuous production, because while the separation is going on in the first column, we can prepare the second column. The solutions built in the software also facilitate the exchange of both normal and reverse phase separations by rinsing the fluid paths quickly.

For speeding up the preparation of the separation, the instrument identifies the Biotage Sfär columns with a QR code reader and sets automatically the optimal operating parameters for the columns. The racks that serve to store the fraction collector glass containers are enabled with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) code. The system detects the insertion and removal of the racks and selects the volumes to be used for fraction collection accordingly. However, the user is not strictly bound to the automatically set parameters, they can be freely changed. In this way, accessories and consumables not manufactured by Biotage can also be used with the Selekt system.

The method of sample application depends primarily on the column. When using Biotage columns (more information on the Sfär columns page) it is possible to apply a fluid sample through the syringe port or directly onto the frit. Solid sample application can be done with Samplet cartridges by loading the adsorbed sample directly, or with DLV module.

The settings of the separation parameters and the monitoring of the chromatography process are possible with the built-in control unit with the 15” solvent-resistant touch screen. The simple, transparent but feature-rich interface allows the setting of the chromatography parameters, the change of the eluent composition and flow rate during the separation, and the extension of the run time. The setting of the separation parameters is facilitated by the fact that by specifying the amount of sample, the software suggests a column as well as it offers either a linear gradient based on the result of one TLC or a step gradient elution based on 2 TLC results. The fraction collection can be done based on either the volume given by the user or based on the detector signal. To collect a large number or a large amount of fractions, the fraction collection area of the instrument can be doubled. A color-coded fraction indication on the screen helps identify the glassware of collected components. The amount of solvent required for the separation and the amount of the generated waste are monitored by the software with continuous calculations and the necessary replacement, filling or emptying of the waste and eluent vessels are indicated to the operator. The Selekt connected to the local network and configured to use an e-mail server sends a notification to the user’s e-mail address about the necessity of user intervention.

 Using the Spektra software option, simultaneous detection (so-called PDA mode) over the whole wavelength range, baseline detection and correction are possible. During the separation, the full spectrum of the sample can be displayed, and after separation, the spectra belonging to the collected fractions can also be examined.

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