Microwave synthesis

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Initiator microwave synthesis instrument

The microwave synthesis instrument with the brand name Initiator+ produced by the Swedish Biotage company provide the chemists engaged in chemical synthesis with a tool that enables them to carry out reactions that at room temperature and at atmospheric pressure do not take place or only very slowly. The Initiator+ with one reaction place, supplemented with a sample changer robot arm, is capable of carrying out 8 or 60 sequential reactions automatically. The high-performance focused microwave heating system of the instrument is equipped with an infrared temperature sensor and a high-precision controller. The Initiator+ microwave synthesis instrument contains: a pressure measuring system that does not come into direct contact with solvents and vapors, a built-in magnetic stirrer of adjustable speed and an air-combustion quick cooling system. On the built-in controller and data acquisition computer there can be set the temperature, time, pressure, performance, cooling control, stirring speed, solvent absorption level, vial type, rack type and vessel position. The software distinguishes the user profiles protected with passwords. During the synthesis the temperature, pressure and performance are continuously recorded in function of time. The instrument stores the data and methods in its built-in memory and they can be transferred to other computers with the help of a USB stick or network connection for further processing. The design of the syntheses is supported by the thousands of reaction descriptions in the internet data base of the Biotage PathFinder.


  • maximum power: 400 Watt
  • temperature range: 40-300 °C (with Maxivial maximum 250 °C)
  • temperature increase: 2-5 °C/min
  • stirring speed: 300-900 rpm
  • cooling down: 40 – 50 °C
  • maximum pressure in vial: 30 bar (with Maxivial maximum 20 bar)
  • reaction volumes: 0.2-0.5 ml (Microvial) 0.5-2 ml (Minivial), 2-5 ml (Standard
  • vial), 10-20 ml (Maxivial).
  • min. 60 l/min capacity source of compressed air is necessary for function; usable pressure range 2.5 – 4 bar
  • 10.4” color touch screen
  • dimensions (without robotic arm): 37x42x42 cm, 22 kg
  • the apparatus is upgradable to semi-automatic peptide synthesizer  (Initiator+ SPWave)

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Accessories for the Initiator+ microwave synthesis instrument:

  • Initiator Eight extending kit with automatic sample changer robot arm with a max. 8-place sample holder for reaction optimization and analogue syntheses. The runtime parameters can be defined individually per sample.
  • Initiator Sixty extending kit with automatic sample changer robot arm with a max. 60-place sample holder for reaction optimization, for analogue and library syntheses. The runtime parameters can be defined individually per sample.
  • Biotage PathFinder is a database containing the parameters of more than 5000 reactions and provides search options for 1 year based on structure, name and keyword