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Semi-automated microwave peptide synthesizer

The Swedish Biotage provides options from manual instruments, through semi-automated ones, to fully automated systems for laboratories which synthesize peptides. In addition to the systems that carry out conventional reactions at room temperature, also systems that synthesize peptides with microwaves are available.

Initiator+ SP Wave

The Initiator+ SP Wave is a programmable semi-automated microwave instrument, which – depending on the configuration – can be used for the implementation of microwave-assisted peptide synthesis and for performing organic synthesis reactions, as well. In its peptide synthesis mode, using a temperature between 40-100oC, the instrument provides the possibility of implementing reactions with which the peptides at room temperature cannot be modified or it is hard to modify or mark them. Reaction vessels of 2, 5 or 10 ml can be placed into the reaction space of the instrument. In this way, the synthesis of peptides can be achieved in amounts of 5-300 µmol. The addition of monomers is done manually to minimize the quantity of the used reagents. The control of the instrument is provided by the built-in computer, the programming is done with the help of the 10.4” touch screen.

The Initiator+ SP Wave is fully functional for organic syntheses, as well. In this case, it can be transformed according to the specifications of the Initiator Eight in some minutes, with modifications done by the user: the liquid handler is replaced with a robot arm, a magnetic stirrer can be used instead of the Vortex mixer, while the used temperature range is between 40-300oC and the maximum pressure can be 30 bars.

Specifications (in peptide synthesis mode):

  • temperature range: 40–100 °C
  • temperature increase: 2-5 °C/min
  • pressure: atmospheric
  • reaction vessel volume: 2, 5 or 10 ml
  • stirring: variable speed Vortex
  • optionally inert gas inlet: 2 l/min, 2 bar
  • liquid handling: digital syringe
  • volume: 10 µl – 11 ml
  • reagent bottles volume: 3 x 100 ml and 1 x 2000 ml
  • control: 10,4″ color touch screen
  • archiving: with USB pendrive
  • dimensions: 400 x 500 x 685 mm (WxDxH), 33 kg

In organic synthesis mode the specifications of the instrument are identical with the characteristics of the Initiator+  microwave synthesis instrument with the RobotEight accessory..

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The Initiator + SP Wave is a compact instrument, which contains all the accessories necessary for its operation. Consumables, reaction vessels and vials are available in a wide range.