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Automated parallel peptide synthesis instruments

The Swedish Biotage provides options from manual instruments, through semi-automated ones, to fully automated systems for laboratories which synthesize peptides. In addition to the systems that carry out conventional reactions at room temperature, also systems that synthesize peptides with microwaves are available.

Syro I and Syro II

With the Syro I and Syro II parallel peptide synthesizer instruments the multi-step time-consuming peptide syntheses can be performed at room temperature, in an automatic, pre-programmed way. The Syro I has a reactor block for 24 reaction vessels of 5 ml or 48 vessels of 2 ml. The reagents are injected into the instrument with a liquid-handling robot arm helped by 2 digital syringe pumps. The Syro II has 2 robot arms and there is space for 2 optional reactor blocks, while the liquid dosing of the reagents and other liquids is provided by 4 syringe pumps. The mixing of the substances participating in the reactions is carried out by the built-in Vortex mixer in the case of both instruments. The control of Syro I and Syro II peptide synthesizers is performed by the Syro XP control software installed on a separate computer.


Syro I

  • robotic arm: 1 db
  • digital syringe pumps: 2 db
  • reactor block : one 24 x 5 ml or 48 x 2 ml module
  • stirrer: Vortex
  • vacuum pump
  • amino acid rack: for 40 x 50 Falcon tubes
  • reagent bottle rack: 2×500 and 3×200 ml

Syro II

  • robotic arm: 2 db
  • digital syringe pumps 4 db
  • reactor block: two 24 x 5 ml or 48 x 2 ml
  • keverő: Vortex
  • vacuum pump
  • amino acid rack: for 40 x 50 Falcon tubes
  • reagent bottle rack: for 3×500 and 4×200 ml

Syro Wave

The Syro I peptide synthesizer and the Initiator combined into one system are capable of performing as an automated peptide synthesizer at room temperature, as well as performing microwave-assisted peptide reactions. The modified Initiator I microwave synthesis instrument has a Vortex mixer, which mixes the reaction mixture continuously during the microwave treatment, while it provides a temperature between 40 and 80oC. The reactor can accommodate 24 reaction vessels of 5 ml and 48 vessels of 2 ml. An amount of 1-300 μmol of substance can be synthesized in these vessels. The control of the instrument is provided by the Syro XP software, which calculates the necessary amino acid and other reagent quantities. The specifications of the Syro Wave system correspond to the specifications of the Syro I and Initiator instruments.

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The Syro I, Syro II and Syro Wave instruments can be supplemented with the inert gas rinsable reactor blocks and with the accessory that facilitates ”tip” synthesis. To perform cleavage reactions, the transfer module, containing the separate 24-position Vortex mixer, can be used. In this way, the access of the aggressive solvents into the peptide synthesizer can be avoided.